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  • Inspired by Balenciaga – A Double Cloth Coat
    by Kathryn Brenne

    Almost 50 years after his death, Spanish fashion designer Cristobal Balenciaga still holds the title “the King of Fashion”. Balenciaga’s designs were structured and architectural in their shape, and ... (read more)

    Casual Elegance: Printed Viscose/Rayon Wovens
    by Malia Janveaux

    Viscose, also known as rayon, has been around for a long time! The quality and durability have improved tremendously over the years, and viscose/rayon is part of a family of fabrics that are ... (read more)

    Swoon-Worthy Chiffon: A Special Occasion Dress
    by Malia Janveaux

    Whenever I'm invited to a special event, I get very excited because it means I have an excuse to sew myself something fancy! My friend's wedding is coming up later this summer, and this dress ... (read more)

    A Zero Waste Topper for All Seasons
    by Kathryn Brenne

    When Linda asked me to design something using a piece of polyester heat embossed cloque' from a designer who I've admired for years, I knew the fabric would be special. A simple design that ... (read more)

    Tangerine Dream: My New Summer Uniform
    by Malia Janveaux

    This jumpsuit, I am never taking it off! It is so comfortable yet at the same time looks really put together. I’ve styled it to be a bit more dressy for a friend’s wedding, but will also wear it ... (read more)

    Between Seasons: A Transitional Topper
    by Kathryn Brenne

    In that time of year between seasons, when the weather is still fluctuating between chilly and mild, it’s great to have a lightweight topper that still provides some warmth! While navigating around ... (read more)

    Plaid: A Perfect Match
    by Malia Janveaux

    Plaid is a classic staple in my wardrobe, both in garments I’ve bought as well as several I’ve made. I really enjoy working with plaid because it is so satisfying to see all of your careful and thoughtful ... (read more)

    Pocket Primer
    by Kathryn Brenne

    A well turned out pocket is a useful detail that can add both function and beauty to your garment. It can be hidden or make a statement. It can hold small items or give your hands a place to rest. (read more)

    Cool Cable Cardigan
    by Kathryn Brenne

    On a recent trip to London I fell in love with a high couture knit jacket. When I came across this beautiful quilted cable knit fabric I decided to make my own variation using the jacket I had seen ... (read more)

    Linen Love
    by Kathryn Brenne

    Linen is a wonderful fiber to wear in the summer months. It is cool, absorbent and breathable, and has a casual, breezy look. I wanted to make a linen dress for myself, using the medium ... (read more)

    Silk Velvet Luxury
    by Kathryn Brenne

    Silk velvet has a wonderful hand and drape. Previously thought of as an eveningwear fabric, velvet is now used by designers in daytime wear as well. It is perfect for soft trousers, drapey ... (read more)

    Mud Silk Adventures
    by Kathryn Brenne

    Mud Silk has been produced in the Guangdong Province of China since the Ming Dynasty. Using natural resources of sun, water and silt from the river, the Chinese have perfected a technique ... (read more)

    A Luxurious Silk Tee
    by Kathryn Brenne

    ...I had an idea to combine a woven silk print remnant from a previous project with 100% silk jersey to make a luxurious, couture T-shirt. The result is the perfect garment to wear ... (read more)

    A Special Occasion Embroidered Mesh Dress
    by Kathryn Brenne

    A beautiful embroidered mesh fabric inspired this over the top dress that can be worn two different ways. Perfect for a special occasion, ... (read more)

    Ruffles, from Runway to Ready-to-wear
    by Kathryn Brenne

    Spring always seems to bring pretty, feminine styles and this season is no exception with ruffles trending from runway to ready-to-wear. ... (read more)

    Stretch Denim Ponte Trousers
    by Kathryn Brenne

    After completing my new unlined jacket I wanted a pair of trousers that would be equally comfortable. I came up with something that is dressier than leggings, in between a yoga pant and a stretch jean. ... (read more)

    An Unlined Jacket for Comfort and Style
    by Kathryn Brenne

    A few years ago I made a dressy unlined knit jacket for my husband, which he absolutely loves. I've been wanting to make myself a similar jacket for travel and more ... (read more)

    Diving into Scuba
    by Kathryn Brenne

    Scuba/neoprene knit fabrics have become very popular in the past few years. Available in different weights and fiber contents, scuba/neoprene fabrics typically have a ... (read more)

    Falling for Faux
    by Kathryn Brenne

    With my reputation as a leather expert, I was a little hesitant when Linda asked if I would consider writing an article about working with faux leather. (read more)

    Perfect Jeans
    by Kathryn Brenne

    I have always loved the color red. It makes people happy. It is the color of energy, passion, love and joy. I also love the red stretch denim carried by EOS and I especially love my new jeans! (read more)

    Show Some Legging!
    by Kathryn Brenne

    Emma One Sock has so many beautiful colors of 11 oz jersey and 14 oz jersey to choose from, making it is easy to construct your own leggings to coordinate with any outfit. (read more)

    Sewing Heaven in North Bay, Ontario
    by Linda Podietz

    As many of you know, Kathryn Brenne has been writing sewing tutorials for EOS for several years now. She is a master sewist... (read more)

    Vogue 9114 in Botanical Linen
    by Kathryn Brenne

    With botanical prints being so popular this season, it is easy to see why this EOS linen print is a best seller! This beautiful watercolor floral... (read more)

    A New Take on GUIPURE LACE
    by Kathryn Brenne

    Since lace has been such a huge trend this year, I chose this stunning Guipure lace to make a skirt to wear for a casual evening out with my husband ... (read more)

    Techno-Plaid Summer Dress, Vogue 1379
    by Kathryn Brenne

    This breezy Techno-Plaid Summer Dress was a surprising success! ... (read more)

    A Twirl Worthy Dress, Vogue 9117
    by Kathryn Brenne

    With a black tie event to attend recently, I needed a formal dress ... (read more)

    Tee Party! Recreating Favorite Tees
    by Kathryn Brenne

    Learn how to work out patterns for some of your favorite jersey garments from a Basic Tee pattern... (read more)

    Shirtmaking: Buttoning Down the Basics
    by Kathryn Brenne

    A good shirt is a staple of every wardrobe, and is always in fashion! Whether dressy or casual, classic or a design statement, the techniques of shirtmaking ... (read more)

    Luxurious Leather
    by Kathryn Brenne

    Nothing compares to the smell and feel of natural leather! Available in a wide range of colors and finishes, lamb, goat, cow and pig suede can be used alone or combined ... (read more)

    Sheer Perfection
    by Kathryn Brenne

    Sheer and lightweight silks are the perfect choice for soft and flowing garments and accessories with timeless elegance. Blouses and scarves are more commonly ... (read more)

    Brocades: Day to Evening Elegance
    by Kathryn Brenne

    To add richness and elegance to an outfit, the brocade family of fabrics are a wonderful choice! They are typically woven with an extra set of yarns to achieve rich textures, ... (read more)

    Tweed & Bouclé: The Classic Cardigan Jacket
    by Kathryn Brenne

    During her comeback years in the early 1950s, Coco Chanel introduced the classic cardigan suit. The jacket was usually made from soft bouclé or tweed fabric.. (read more)

    Test Drive a Matte Hybrid
    by Kathryn Brenne

    Matte Hybrid - doesn't that sound like a high end, fancy sports car? In fact, Matte Hybrid is a high tech polyester fabric that is easy care, wrinkle free and a dream to work with. (read more)

    Ponte Perfection  by Kathryn Brenne

    Ponte is pure fabric genius! It's one of the most versatile and popular fabrics available, and for many top designers it's a favorite, season after season. (read more)

    Warm Up to Sweater Knits!  by Kathryn Brenne

    When it comes to sweater knits, the possibilities are endless! They are always in style, comfortable to wear, have a forgiving fit, come in an endless variety of weights, patterns and textures and resist wrinkling. (read more)