Emma One Sock

elegant floral embroidered sheer mesh - green/mauve

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fabric #63344
contents: 100% nylon
width: 58", 52.75" cuttable
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This is an exquisite embroidered mesh, an elegant flower design (24" repeat) embroidered on a sheer black nylon mesh ground. The pattern is an overall design and there's a bit of widthwise stretch in the mesh, but it's stable. It has a flowing drape with a bit of body and the mesh is sheer. The glorious colors include shades of green, mauve, pale pink, and black (PANTONE 15-0336, 15-0326, 16-1723, 17-2120, etc.). Use as an overlay for a gorgeous special occasion blouse, tunic, top, dress, gown, shawl, etc. Hand wash and hang to dry, or dry clean.