Eyelet & Embroidered Cottons
by Shannon Gifford
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  • Eyelet & Embroidered Cottons

    Eyelet and embroidered cottons are classics in the fabric wardrobe. They are easy to sew, easy to wear, and easy care. These fabrics can be classic, flirty, fun, or elegant, depending on the colors and styles chosen for the garment.


    Machine wash, machine dry. Cotton eyelets and embroideries love to be ironed!

    Needles and Thread:

    Size 11/75 needles, cotton or cotton/polyester thread.

    Seams, Seam Finishes, and Hems:

    Plain seams work beautifully with these fabrics. Finish the edges with a three-thread serged edge, a pinked edge, or a rayon seam binding.


    Fusibles can be used in areas that are not open (such as the holes in eyelet). A layer of matching plain-finish cotton batiste makes an excellent sew-in interfacing for these fabrics.

    Pattern Suggestions:

    Blouses, dresses, summer clothing, loose-fitting shorts, capris, full-leg pants, capes, and simple jackets.

    Creative possibilities:

    Add some colorful embroidery to accent one of the motifs on the fabric. Outline a motif with a row of colored embroidery thread, a silk ribbon flower, or simple beading. To add a bit of color, line your eyelet in a contrasting color fabric so that the color peeks through the holes in the eyelet.

    Additional Tips:

    Use a press-cloth when pressing these fabrics.

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