Welcome to EmmaOneSock.com!

Located just outside of Philadelphia, PA, EmmaOneSock.com strives to provide you with a steady supply of fashionable, upscale fabrics from some of the finest designers and manufacturers from around the world. We do not have a storefront; we are strictly a web-based fashion fabric store. Please refer to our policies page for more information.

Why "Emma One Sock"? A few words from the founder, Linda Podietz:

Emma One Sock was founded in 1994 as a boutique line of children's clothing that was sold all over the US. When I decided to 'retire' the clothing business in the beginning of 2001, I began to sell off some of the beautiful European fabrics that I had acquired over the years. It became apparent that there was a market for the types of fabrics to which I had access, and soon I found myself in the fabric-selling business! EmmaOneSock.com has been going strong ever since. The name of the company came from my two children (Emma, and Aaron--AKA "One Sock" when he was a baby), and even though they are now grown and I'm in a different business, the name lives on!

About The Fabric Store....

Over the years, I have developed great relationships with wonderful suppliers, and as the market changes, I'm always seeking out new ones. Many of the fabrics are purchased "post production", meaning that I select from fabrics that are remaining after designers and mills complete their samples for a season, or complete a production run.

I buy small lots from many different sources. Some fabrics are one-time-only treasures, others may be reordered. I am extremely selective and try to pick out only "the good stuff"! Typically you won't find these fabrics in your local fabric store, but you may spot them on the runway or in ready-to-wear.

Many customers watch the website closely, as the selections at EmmaOneSock.com tend to reflect the latest trends and new listings appear (and disappear!) often. Fabrics can sometimes be reordered, even if marked "sold out", so it never hurts to ask!

To help make your online shopping experience a positive one, we provide many services that set us apart from other online fabric stores, such as our FREE swatch service. Just browse the website for fabrics that you'd like to see, and click the 'request swatch' link at the upper right of your screen on each detail page. We'll send the swatches right out, no matter where you live!

One last word: while I may have an eye for picking great fabrics, I do not claim great expertise in the art of sewing. I was extraordinarily lucky to have had the chance to collaborate with sewing writer and teacher Shannon Gifford, who wrote many sewing guides and articles for the website until her passing in April, 2010...a great loss to the sewing community. But her wonderful body of work remains on the EOS website for your use. And I am now very fortunate to collaborate with the multi-talented Kathryn Brenne, sewing expert, teacher and writer, who has written a series of online sewing articles for EOS that are not to be missed. We have many more articles in the works, so keep an eye out for the next one!

Enjoy browsing---your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.