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Hi Linda, I open your site and I am just amazed at the treasures that are there. Your eye for fabric is spectacular. Obviously your family has a gift for the artistic as I have also enjoyed the postings of your niece's art work. I have never received a piece of fabric that I am not thrilled with. Some days I unwrap them and just enjoy their beauty. (I don't always know what I will do with a piece of fabric, but it eventually speaks to me.) I opened your website today and without a doubt there are 5 or 6 pieces I want but I have a cart full already and I'm sure I will leave this earth before I will ever have it all sewn up. LOL I know you work hard and I want you to know how much I appreciate having a place to purchase quality fabric. Sincerely,
Pat D., Manitoba [October, 2018]

Linda, I received my order today, first one from your company, and am absolutely thrilled. Anita packed it beautifully, the fabrics are sooo much more gorgeous than the website photos could show, and I am now hooked on your designer fabrics. I love the one out there for descriptions, photos, true colors, and coordinating fabrics. And now I know your shipping is fast and efficient. Thank you.
Meredith V., USA [July, 2018]

You Are the BEST.... Not only are your swatches free, but they arrived in 4-5 days time. AND... I was planning on only one or two fabrics- but I like all 4 fabrics that I ordered a swatch for!!! Now I have budget problems.... I am finishing a garment with the beautiful embroidered flowers on black net that arrived in May, so I will be placing an order for more beautiful fabric. Just wanted to tell you how happy I am with your swatch feature... Have a great day.
Carmil M., Lakeside Park, KY [June, 2018]

I love Emma One Sock! Fabric is of high quality.....and the available tutorials are invaluable. I have learned more about how to sew various fabrics.... the information has allowed me to step way out of my established comfort zone and into more challenging fabrics such as lightweight wovens, crepe de chine, Japanese cotton to name a few....
Susan F., Evansville, IN [April, 2018]

Hi Linda, Just a quick note to say these three things: Thanks for all of your recent help, the fabric is fabulous, and the website is wonderful. Easy to use, easy to see all fabrics. Have a good day,
Mary B., Cle Elum, WA[April, 2018]

Please don’t ever stop selling the RPL bottom weight gabardine. I have made pants out of this fabric and they are the best pants I have ever had. Thank you for selling this fabric!
Pam B., Fullerton, CA 92833 [January, 2018]

Dear Linda, You are so wonderful to work with. Your website is easy to work through, your selection is large, you send fabric samples for free and you respond quickly to online questions. Thank you!
Jeanne L., Mechanicsville, PA [December, 2017]

I make my own clothes and buy most of my fabric from EmmaOneSock. The fabric is always of the highest quality, well-prepared for shipping and exactly what I expect based on the description. People have sometimes stopped me while shopping to ask where they can buy my clothes! I recently bought Sp1endid 'cashmere cotton' rib knit. The fabric cuts and sews beautifully and is perfect for our Florida weather. Thank you!
Carol H., Sarasota, FL [May, 2017]

My goodness! The current array of fabrics displayed under your "this just in" tab is nothing short of gorgeous! I could easily order, by my count, nine of them, without so much as a second thought! At any given moment, I would typically have nine fabrics on my personal wish-list from throughout your entire store, but I can't think of another time when I have coveted so many offerings from a single page! Obviously, I am going to have to make some hard choices, but, I wanted to express my appreciative perspective that, with your recent collection of new arrivals, you have completely outdone yourself!!
Michelle R., Calgary, AB [February, 2017]

I'm sure you actually receive a number of nice emails. That being said, I'm always amazed at how quickly I receive my orders, and most of the time, the pictures just don't do the fabric justice. They're just gorgeous. Thank you!
Rory, Denver, CO [January, 2017]

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