...I got the last shipment..I LOVE it! Thanks so much, it's so nice to get such nice fabrics to sew with. I've been sewing for a long time and didn't even know it was possible to get them without being close to NY or somewhere like that. Thanks also for your help with all of my questions!!
Jeanette M., Calgary, Alberta [December, 2004]

Dear Linda, My order arrived this morning (23 December) - what a lovely Christmas present. I was amazed it got here so quickly as you only shipped on the 14th. I was thrilled with the quality and loveliness of the fabric and I am looking forward to many happy hours creating beautiful clothes. Kind regards, Jennie P., Croyden Park, Australia [December, 2004]

Linda, I just received my first order from Emma One Sock! Wow! I'm thrilled. Everything is soooo beautiful. You've revolutionized my sewing life. I live in the middle of no where.........and quality fabrics are not something I'm used to. No more Joann's for this sewer! This definitely won't be my last order! Thanks again...Cheri J., Warsaw, OH [October,2004]

I imagine you get emails like mine all of the time, yet I am compelled to write about how much I love your fabrics. I have been away from sewing for about 10 years (after the kids arrived but I started back up again about 6 months ago. I heard so many good things about your fabrics from the patternreview.com message boards I just had to check it out for myself. Everything I have ordered has exceeded my expectations, and your service is excellent. I always receive tons of compliments on items made from your fabrics - without doubt it is the unique prints, patterns and fabric types that set you apart from other internet retailers. Best of all, I adore working with these top quality fabrics. They feed that need I have to touch and finger cool textiles. I made up a great little twist top dress in the autumn spice wool jersey last night, and I literally smiled through the whole thing because I was having so much fun just handling the fabric. Sounds strange to your average person, but I'm guessing you know where I am coming from!! I look forward to many more EOS experiences like that in the future.
Laura W., Alpharetta, GA [September, 2004]

Hi Linda, just wanted you to know that I'm so thrilled with all of the fabric you've sent me...the Renaissance sweater knit...is my all-time favorite. I won't cut into that fabric until I've worked all the kinks out of it's intended pattern. Again, I know I sound like a broken record, but thanks so much for finding this gorgeous fabric.
Carolyn S., Zionsville, IN [August, 2004]

Hi Linda, Just a quick note to say thank you so much for sending the fabric, it arrived on Monday. It's absolutely gorgeous and just what was looking for. Thanks once again for all your help and the speedy delivery. I'll be back shopping on your site again very soon!! Kind regards,
Rachel B., United Kingdom [August, 2004]

Linda, Can you stand one more glowing testimonial? The fabrics are wonderful! The descriptions on your website were very accurate. I'm so pleased! I hope you keep this up for a long time. [Now, where am I going to get the time to sew all of this?....]
Kristin D., San Francisco, CA [August, 2004]

A bit of positive reinforcement: I just wanted you to know that you have exquisite taste. It is such a relief to have found your web site, especially where the trendy prints are concerned. Please keep being my eyes in New York - I only get there about once every two years, and I definitely don't have the contacts you do! Thanks for doing such great shopping for me!
Eileen D., La Mirada, CA [August, 2004]

I teach sewing and serger classes in the SF Bay Area. It has become next to impossible to find good quality, reasonably priced, garment fabrics in our area. While I encourage my students to support our local stores, I also know that quality fabric is one of the keys to success, which is so important for my beginners. I would like them all to want to keep sewing! I recommend your site in my classes because you have great quality, unique fabrics that are really motivating to sew. I appreciate all the work you do to keep us sewing great fabrics! Thanks so much,
Terry M., Pleasanton, CA [August, 2004]

As usual, you have outdone yourself. I'm always surprised at how nice the fabrics are when I recieve them from you. Normally, on-line fabric shopping can be a bit of a crap shoot, since there is no way to tell the hand or drape of a fabric. But with yours, the descriptions and photos are so accurate that it takes all the worry out of it. Thanks again.
Lisa L., Fort Lauderdale, FL [June, 2004]

Linda, you know I have always been very pleased with your wonderful fabrics and service. But when my latest package of cotton/lycra and rayon/lycra arrived this week I was so excited about the fabrics that I made my husband fondle them instead of just squirreling them away in my room! Thank you for offering us such delicious fabrics at very reasonable prices. I know I will never be disappointed in anything I buy from you. :-)
Gigi L., Plantation, FL [June, 2004]

Your website is so beautiful. I have really enjoyed seeing how the look of it evolves through the seasons. It is a little like walking out into the garden and noticing the sometimes subtle, always thrilling shifts of color I find there.
Ann P., Ramona, CA [May, 2004]

Hi Linda...I just thought I would take a second to let you know how much I love the fabric you offer. Every thing I have ever gotten from you is so cool, and believe me, there is no way to find this stuff anywhere else. You do a wonderful job and deserve to be thanked. So, thanks a million and keep it up! You rock....
Andi O., St. Petersburg, FL [May, 2004]

Linda, Linda, Linda! I was so thrilled to get home from work last night and have a package here from the 'Beautiful Fabric Fairy'...All the fabrics are magnificent! I'm so, so happy with them! Even my daughter was oohing and aaahing over them...I snatched them right out of her hands!... I'm going to check your site again, can't bear to let any goodies get by me...Take care, look for my future orders...many...too many...should take some time for actual sewing...but oh, so nice to get those packages!
Victoria G., Walled Lake, MI [May, 2004]

...I felt compelled to tell you how impressed I am with you and your company. The website is very well done, easy to move around in and I really love how you have organized it by type, color, capsules, etc. Very refreshing and it feels very personal for some reason. Your fabrics are beautiful, with a great mix of everyday and special fabrics. Prices are very reasonable. Ordering was effortless. Delivery as promised...you were very patient with my impatience - even providing me with the tracking number for UPS...But more than anything, the actual fabrics were far above my expectations. I am in North Idaho and I am starved for good fabric. What a pleasure to cut, sew and handle quality fabrics. And what a difference it makes in the final product. Please keep doing what you're doing! Kindest regards...
Katherine B., Coeur d'Alene, ID [May, 2004]

...Even though I am trying to cut down on my fabric purchases, your fabrics continually tempt me, and I don't mind investing in such beautiful, high quality fabrics. I know that they can be made into classic garments that I will wear for a very long time. Thank you again for such a wonderful service.
Deb F., West Haven, CT
[April, 2004]

Linda,I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how pleased I am with my order! The fabric is just great and the shopping experience was super. Thank you for your excellent customer service and professionalism. It was much appreciated. I will be back to place additional orders!
Monica D., Cottonwood, CA [March, 2004]

I received my first order of fabric yesterday and the fabric was more beautiful than I could have imagined! Such quality. You have impeccable taste in fabrics and if I were a buyer I would choose the same fabrics you do. I'm sure glad I have you to do all the hard work and all I have to do is push buttons. Thanks again. I look forward to doing future business with you and your wonderful company!
[February, 2004]

Your fabrics are really wonderful and your Customer Service is the best anywhere. I love ordering from you. I know you are swamped, but you still take the time to let me know what is happening with my order. It's so very unusual to get both an excellent product and the BEST service.
Eileen M., Madison Heights, MI [February, 2004]

Dear Linda, The fabrics arrived today and they look just like your photos. I am very impressed with how organized and customer oriented you are. You really aim to please. Thanks!
Elizabeth K., New Zealand [January, 2004]

Oh, Linda, I just received my shipment of fabrics and I am so overwhelmed I am ALMOST speechless. Everything is just beautiful and I couldn't be happier.....Again, thank you, thank you. No wonder everyone gushes so about you on your thread on www.sewingworld.com . I am your newest 'gushee'.
Rosemary G., Burmingham, AL [January, 2004]

The box arrived last night, and it was impossible to pick a favorite, they are all so yummy. Sometimes one stands out as being so much nicer than the photos show, but not this time. I could go on and on about so many of them. Thanks for doing what you do, so very well.
Patricia W., Billings, MT [January, 2004]

I am truly amazed. I placed this order late Monday evening and received it today, which is Wednesday. I haven't even dug out from all the snow and ice to go to the grocery store, and this order arrived today. I couldn't have made it out to a brick and mortar store as quickly! The fabrics are just gorgeous - even more beautiful than expected. I can't wait to sew something with them. This is my second order from you, but certainly not my last. You are a pleasure to do business with!
Monica E., Montclair, VA [January, 2004]

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