I have only one *problem* with EmmaOneSock and Linda - there are just TOO many beautiful fabrics from which to choose! I have to try to avoid looking at the website too often because once I do, well it's all over - here comes another package of gorgeous fabric lovingly wrapped and delivered expeditiously to my home! It was my lucky day when I first saw a reference to EmmaOneSock. I've enjoyed every minute of our association. I'll keep sewing as fast as I can so that I can purchase more fabric...
Georgiane B., San Fancisco, CA [December, 2007]

Dear Linda,...The package arrived...and as usual, the fabrics that I received were stunning. I am so glad I learned about your website and business. I have never had so much fun buying beautiful fabric. Thank you for providing me such a wonderful source to feed my addiction. From a very satisfied customer,
Carolyn H., Chandler, AZ [November, 2007]

I have never loved a website like I do yours. Not only are the fabrics beautiful, but I really benefit from the sewing guidance. Customer service is great as well. Good job all around!
Elizabeth D., Memphis, TN [October, 2007]

Dear Linda, Your fabrics arrived today and, along with the last order, I can only say that you don't describe your fabrics adequately. They are just too wonderful and more beautiful than expected! My husband says the Ann Klein cashmere is softer than a shaved kitten...Thanks again for your wonderful website and keep bringing on the good stuff. Sincerely,
Janet R., Cooperstown, NY [September, 2007]

Linda, Yesterday, I sewed a Tshirt using your onionskin fabric. I had never sewn with it before and the fabric was a dream to work with! I am also working on an outfit...and my pieces are coming out great. Your products are very high end and I'm very impressed. Not only are the fabrics quality, but your wrapping is wonderful and I appreciate all the contact we have regarding my order/bill. In case you couldn't tell as of yet, you now have a new loyal customer! Many thanks for keeping quality in the sewing world,
Renee C., Centerville, OH [July, 2007]

Linda, You know I don't order kaboodles of fabric just to have them sitting around, but when I do, I always love what I get from you. This fabric was exactly what I was looking for - weight, texture, hand - everything. It is soooo couture. I'll feel like I'm wearing an Oscar de la Renta original. And the swatches - to die for...Now to make up my mind before something sells out. I also appreciate the little touches - putting the tissue paper between the fabric fold, the neat plastic bag with sticker, the receipt and nicely organized swatches - you're a class act! Thank you very much,
Terri K., Ashville, NC [July, 2007]

Hi Linda, I just received the French wool novelty blend and the Italian puckered ombre fabric - beautiful, beautiful fabric! Thank you very much for working so hard to get fabrics like these to your customers. I'm a customer for life!
Ali D., Santa Rosa, CA [June, 2007]

Wow, what great service. Got the fabric last night at 10:00 PM!! I am so pleased with the fabric. The silk is even better than I expected and the jersey you picked to coordinate with it is perfect. I am so happy I found your website. I also want to commend the sewing guides by Shannon, they are perfect as well. Some of the terms of fabrics you list I am not familiar with, so I just go to her guides and they are very clear and easy to understand. The guide on buttermilk worked perfectly the first time I sewed one up! Thanks,
Beth R., Columbus, GA [April, 2007]

Linda- I know you don't need another email. I'm also fairly certain all the accolades you receive begin to sound like white noise after a time, but some things simply must be said. I DID receive my box a bit ago. As well as you photograph fabric and as talented as you are in writing descriptions and selling it, there was nothing that could have prepared me for this box of fabric. The Armani shirting alone left me speechless and that's a tall order! All the Anne Klein fabric is stunning and every European piece is to die for. Thank you thank you for the outstanding job you do in ferreting out these amazing fabrics and making them available to we little home sewers. I just told my husband there are thousands of women who have sewn their entire lives and have never had the luxury of using one piece of fabric of this quality. Thank you thank you. I'm just over the moon! No response necessary. Just had to say it. Regards,
Marian T., Bosque Farms, NM [March, 2007]

Dear Linda; You have won my heart. My first order, I was extremely pleased. My second order, which I received on Friday, I was not merely pleased; I was simply ecstatic. My husband was even impressed. And it is hard to impress him. A belated Happy Birthday, and a Happy Valentine's Day to you. Thank you.
Nancy G., Savannah, GA [February, 2007]

Hi again, Linda, My order arrived on Monday and again I love the fabric. You always have such quality products and your customer service and shipping times are exceptional. Thanks again. Best,
Maureen T., West Palm Beach, FL [February, 2007]

Linda: I received my first order the other day and I couldn't be more thrilled! The quality and style of the fabrics is phenomenal...we have no good fabric source here...I am sewing for preteen girls, and it is next to impossible to find cute but age appropriate fabrics for that age group. You will be my main source now! Thanks again ever so much for the great service!
Anne D., Destin, FL [February, 2007]

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