Hello Linda, ...I am an avid reader of your shop's tutorials, and a fan of Kathryn Brenne. Your mail [announcing a new Kathryn Brenne tutorial] is a welcome treat for a frosty Sunday morning. And since I'm here at the keyboard, I have to tell you that I look at the EmmaOneSock site every day when I open my laptop. Although I love sewing, I don't have as much time for it as I would like. The chance simply to look at new fabrics, to read your descriptions, and to muse about what I might do with them . . . sometime . . . has been a little kick of joy in my days for years. So today, on the winter solstice, I want you to know that I'm thinking of you and your lovely shop and wishing you the coziest of holidays, and happiness, contentment, good health, and prosperity in the new year. All the best,
Nance H., Westbrook, CT [December, 2019]

Hi Linda, Wanted to share my thoughts about the wonderful tutorials and guides you provide to everyone. Each time you mention a new tutorial is about to be published I get excited and wait in anticipation of what new techniques I will learn! I spend hours reading and re-reading each step Kathryn Brenne has documented, hoping I can somehow become half as good as Kathryn! The images are superior and extremely helpful to a visual thinker like myself! And, in some cases these tutorials have introduced me to fabric I was not familiar with. The tutorials have inspired me to purchase some of the unfamiliar fabrics: Mud Silk, Matte Hybrid, Guipure Lace and Embroidered Mesh. The felting and serger techniques Kathryn used on the Transitional Topper are fascinating... Additionally, I never sit down to sew a new project without first reading the Sewing Guides by Shannon Gifford. Knowing the correct sewing machine needle, correct stitch length, how to prepare the fabric, etc. is timeless. Even though the information may seem old, most of it is still timely. I pass along the information and your website to everyone I know who is a sewer, as there isn’t anything on the internet as rich in information as what you share! And, it goes without saying, no-one can compare to you in terms of the quality fabric you provide along with the information you include with each piece!!! Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for those of us who love to sew!!! Have a Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Year. (I will be celebrating Christmas with a new Baby Lock coverstitch machine. :) Regards,
Karen, La Verne, CA [December, 2019]

Linda, I have been a customer for 10 years now and each year your curation of current fabrics gets better and better. My latest order just arrived and I am thrilled with the quality of your fabrics. I am supposed to be on a fabric diet but you caused me to fall off the wagon... Thank you for bringing me great fabrics at a reasonable price. While I no longer sew to save money, I appreciate you keeping your prices affordable... If would love to attend a class with Kathryn Brenne...
Dell E., Fort Worth, TX [August, 2019]

Hi Linda, I just can't resist telling you AGAIN how much I trust and value EmmaOneSock. I feel I am getting the best quality fabric, with your great customer service, none better, the best possible shipping rates to Canada, I can go on and on and on. I really appreciate all you do. Thank you so much, Sincerely, your fan,
Kathy F., Nova Scotia [August, 2019]

Linda, I purchased the matte hybrid fabric to make some pants months ago and just made them. I studied the tutorial, Test Drive a Matte Hybrid by Kathryn Brenne, as I made them. It was well written, detailed enough and made the absolute difference in making these pants look great. Thank you for your quality fabric and website.
Judy S., Pengrove, CA [January, 2019]

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